Amusement Concepts Inc.

Merchandisers / Self-Redemption Equipment

Merchandisers / Self-Redemption Equipment Delivers Instant Prizes
Keep your patrons playing with fun crane games, instant photo booths, and stacker games that deliver instant prizes.

Amusement Concepts Inc. stocks, services, and maintains all your equipment.

ACI keeps your customers interested with licensed and unlicensed prize merchandise.

Fun Stop Photo Booth

Fun Stop Photo Booth provides fun memories for your patronsCreating a unique memory is hilarious fun! Just take a seat, follow the prompts, and pose. Your Fun Stop Photos are available instantly.

Road Trip Merchandiser

Road Trip Merchandiser Spins for PrizesTake a road trip to Chicago, Denver, and Hollywood. Spin for miles and 3 levels of prizes.

Route 66 Crane

Route 66 Crane drops the claw for fantastic prizesFilled with fluffy and colorful characters, Amusement Concepts stocks all crane machines with the latest licensed and unlicensed merchandise. Use the joystick to take aim and drop the claw and try to win your favorite. Good luck!

Stacker Merchandiser

Stacker Mini is an exciting game of skill and prizesA simple and exciting block stacking game for all ages. Win a minor prize at Level 7 or continue to test your skill. Win a major prize at Level 10.

Sweet Shoppe Crane

Sweet Shoppe Crane lets you play until you winPlay until you win a sweet treat!