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Redemption Equipment / Tickets & Prizes

Merchandisers / Self-Redemption Equipment Delivers Instant Prizes
Customers love to play games to redeem tickets for prizes.

There's nothing more exciting than winning bonus tickets with these games!

Big Bass Wheel

Spin the Big Bass Wheel to Win Lots of TicketsStep up and pull the handle on the Big Bass Wheel! Collect your ticket reward to redeem for prizes. Win up to 1,000 tickets for a perfect spin!

Bug Bash

Bug Bash for Tickets Redeemed for PrizesBug squashing fun for all ages! Roll the given number of balls while trying to bash as many bugs as you can. The more bugs you bash, the more tickets you win.

Deal or No Deal

Official Deal or No Deal Game Dispenses Tickets for PrizesThis officially licensed game is just like the TV game show experience. Choose your case and follow the prompts on the 32" LCD monitor. Eliminate cases and wait to hear your offer from the banker. Deal or No Deal. What will you choose?


Slam-A-Winner is an exciting game for tickets and prizesAn exciting game of timing and dexterity. Drop the ball through the bonus target to win extra ball drops and/or mounds of tickets!